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Alfa Computers manufactures its own flagship brand, Deltacom, within its own facility in Alexandria, Sydney. Hundreds of thousands Deltacom personal computers and fileservers were built over the years with rigour and meticulous consistency in material/components, assembly and testing. Every Deltacom system is individually built based on customer's individual requirement and purpose. However, the Deltacom differentiation goes far beyond that.

Alfa Computers believed that stringent selection of every part used in our production is vital to the performance reliability of its finished products.

Fully audited quality system procedures are applied throughout the process of manufacture. From receipt of order, selection of specific and required parts, all the way through the final processes are meticulously performed to the international standard ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system. Regular internal and external audits are conducted ensuring the consistency of this quality manufacturing process.

Additional consistency is maintained through the long term utilisation of the best and most reliable parts from known and reliable suppliers/manufacturers. The pre-selection process is based on vigorous testing process, and years of skill, knowledge and experience. Here are a few examples of our historical consistencies:

  • Motherboards:
    1984-1987: Supercom motherboards was exclusively used for its quality. Supercom was finally dropped from our production because it failed to meet the technological advancement.
    1987-1999: Elitegroup Computer Systems motherboard was used for a total of 12 years, 10 years exclusively. Decline in quality and reliability was the main reason for Alfa Computers trialling Intel as a second source. This trial lasted for over two years.
    1997-now: Exclusive use of genuine Intel motherboard for all personal computers, and Supermicro motherboards for high-end workstations and servers.

  • Floppy Disk Drives:
    1984-1985: Exclusive use of Chinon and Teac floppy disk drives
    1985-1988: Exclusive use of Teac floppy disk drives
    1989-now: Exclusive use of Sony 3½" floppy disk drives

  • Hard Disks:
    1983-1985: Winchester hard disk was used, but rarely because of its prohibitive cost.
    1985-1988: Miniscribe hard disk was exclusively used in Deltacom PCs.
    1988-1989: Toshiba hard disk became our favourite. Toshiba later pulled out of hard disk distribution in Australia.
    1990-now: Exclusive use of Fujitsu. Fujitsu later stopped production of IDE hard disks.
    2002-now: Fujitsu (SCSI, SCA and Fibre Channel) and Seagate (P-ATA and S-ATA) are standardised.

  • Optical Drives:
    1992-now: Sony were the only brand of CD or DVD optical drives Alfa Computers uses for its Deltacom systems.

  • Multimedia Speakers:
    1996-1998: Generic stereo speakers was used as optional item for Deltacom
    1999-now: Altec Lansing speakers are standard speakers with all Deltacom computers.

This historical consistency proves that Alfa has a better edge over our competitors (local or multinational) in its ability of supporting its Deltacom branded products, even many years after it was sold. At Alfa, your IT investment greatly matter.

Once assembled, a rigorous testing is applied to exhaust every available part in the Deltacom machines. Maximum load are applied repeatedly to various major components such as processor, memory, graphics and all available digital storages.

This attention to detail in the production quality is matched by the company's total commitment to service. Every Deltacom systems carry a minimum of three year warranty. Customer's comfort and peace of mind is paramount to Alfa Computers. We will even come to you for any hardware or manufacturing fault that developed within the first 12 months from the date of purchase, this commitment covers all metropolitans and major regional towns throughout Australia.

Deltacom systems are proudly made in Australia, using the worlds finest.