Alfa Computers Profiles:
Govt & Education Supplies
IT Solutions and Services

Many well known and quality brands are distributed by Alfa Computers through its extensive network of resellers throughout Australia and the South Pacific countries.

Each of Alfa Computers reseller may enjoy the exclusivity of Alfa B2B portal. Apart from being able to conduct their business with us around the clock, through Alfa B2B portal our reseller would know their exclusive cost price to maximise their profit through our daily updated products and pricing. Downloadable price list in a standard Excel format reflects their specific cost eligibility as reseller. Or even build their own menu system useful for ordering repeated products, a real time saver.

So, if you are a reseller requiring to source products from the following manufacturers, Alfa is the way to go.

  • Canon
    - Digital Still Cameras
    - Digital Video Cameras
    - Photo Printers
    - Facsimile
    - Printers: Portable and Desktop PIXMA BubbleJet, Laser and Multifunctional
    - LIDE Scanners
    - BubbleJet Paper and Media

  • Deltacom: Personal Computers and Fileservers. Quality and backup service that makes the Deltacom difference.

  • Eaton Powerware
    - Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Domestic, Commercial & Industrial
    - Surge Protectors

  • Fujitsu
    - Fujitsu-Siemens Servers
    - Hard Disk Drives: 2½- P-ATA or S-ATA, and 3½- SCSI / SCA / Fibre-Channel
    - Plasmavision Display
    - Magneto Optical
    - Dot Matrix Printers

  • Leadtek Research
    - Winfast 3D Graphics
    - Workstation Graphics

  • LSI Logic
    - Host Bus Adapters: SCSI, SAS & Fibre-Channel
    - MegaRAID: SCSI, SAS and S-ATA

  • NEC
    - Projectors
    - Display Monitors (LCD)
    - Television (LCD)

  • Panasonic
    - Data Projectors
    - Digital Still Camera
    - Digital Video Camera: Camcorder
    - Plasma Display: Commercial and Domestic
    - Panafax
    - Printers: B/W and Colour Laser
    - Panaboard: Electronic Whiteboards
    - Display Monitors (LCD)
    - Optical Data Media

  • Sony
    - VAIO Notebooks
    - Television: Plasma, FD Trinitron WEGA, Rear Projection WEGA, LCD WEGA.
    - Projectors
    - Backup Subsystem: DDS/DAT and AIT
    - Digital Still Cameras: Mavica & Cybershot
    - Digital Video Cameras: Handycam
    - Photo Printers
    - Monitors: LCD
    - Optical drives: CD-ROM, CD-Writer, DVD-ROM, DVD-Writer, Magneto Optics, WORM
    - Data Media: CD, DVD, MD, MO, MiniDV, Hi8/D8, VHS, WORM, DAT/DDS, AIT, LTO, DLT, and more
    - Digital Note Taker
    - MicroVault USB
    - Floppy Disk Drive

  • Supermicro
    - Motherboards: High end workstations and servers
    - Fileservers: Padestal and Rackmount: P4, Xeon, Xeon MP, Itanium
    - Server Chassis
    - SAF-TE Hot Swap Rack.

Alfa Computers is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.